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  • Healthy Living

    What is healthy living?

    Healthy living isn’t just about poor diet and lack of exercise and many other factors can cause an unhealthy lifestyle;
    • unhealthy relationships,
    • work,
    • low confidence, anxiety, stress
    • other factors can impact on how you feel and how healthy you are.

    It’s becoming more and more recognised that it’s our inner-wellbeing as well as our physical health that leads to our overall level of health. For healthy living, a healthy mind and body are both required; one without the other is not enough to enjoy a truly healthy lifestyle. Therefore it’s important to take care of our emotions, feelings and desires as well as watching what we eat, taking time for exercise/fitness and getting enough sleep.

    Most people will probably accept that there’s some part of their lifestyle they’d like to change to improve their health, for example dieting, exercise or a better sleep pattern, and anyone can make the changes anytime they wish. It may be that you feel your daily routine doesn’t allow you to implement these changes; however a life coach can often open your mind to new ways of thinking and make it easier to implement changes.
  • More than Dieting

    A healthy lifestyle - more than just dieting

    Reasons for wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle may include:

    feeling stressed, anxious or depressed
    feeling overweight and sluggish
    lacking energy and motivation
    lacking confidence and self-esteem
    feeling tired and bored
    wanting to get active and improve your fitness
    wanting a more positive outlook and to feel more ‘alive’
    feeling unable to concentrate or focus.

    Your emotional and mental health needs taking care of too:

    quit faddy dieting regimes and adopt a balanced diet
    get outside and do something you enjoy
    take up a hobby or sport you like
    focus your energy on achieving a healthy lifestyle
    take care of your spiritual wellbeing
    recognise and accept your emotional needs
    help others and give freely to them.

    The most common tips for improving your health include:

    healthy eating
    drink more water
    more fruit and vegetables
    reduce sugar and salt intake
    more fish
    reduce convenience foods
    reduce alcohol intake
    eight hours of sleep a night
    white bread instead of wholemeal
    more seeds and nuts
    more fibre
    quit smoking
    get fit and use your body to the best of your ability.
  • Achieve a healthy lifestyle

    How can life coaching help me achieve a healthy lifestyle?

    Although most coaches are not doctors, they will often be able to help you clarify your motivation for wanting to change your lifestyle and devise a strategy of how to achieve the required changes for healthy living.

    Talking through your desire for change and setting goals can often lead individuals to see the changes positively, rather than feeling pressurised to do them.

    A life coach can also help you with many issues which are affecting your health (outside of your diet and motivation to exercise). They are able to advise you on making other changes in your life such as weight management over the long term, career, relationships, stress, dieting and more importantly how to stick to a healthy diet.
  • Healthy tips

    Healthy living tips

    If you are feeling sluggish, stressed an generally low then the chances are your lifestyle could do with an overhaul. There are a few things that you can start to address if you think you would like to make some changes and lead a healthy lifestyle.
    Some suggested ideas
    • Weight management and dieting[+]
      Dieting is a very important part of living a healthy lifestyle for many people. If you are struggling to keep your weight under control then it is worth looking into what is going wrong. While dieting it is crucial to ensure you are getting the right nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fats. It is definitely not just a matter of cutting down what you eat and doing this could mean that you have a lot of trouble maintaining your weight management plan in the longer term.

      There are many diets out there that people have success with, but your aim should always be to adopt a diet that is balanced, nutritious and tasty! This will ensure that you can stick to a diet much more easily, and you will probably end up enjoying it!
      Life coaches are great at helping people find the motivation to stick to a diet and also having that extra person keeping track of your diet goes a long way to helping your long term weight management. They can explore the reasons behind why you’re diet has been slipping and help you get back on track.
    • Time to get fit - Exercise & fitness advice[+]
      time to get fit
      Any time is a great time to get fit.
      Finding the motivation to exercise can often be a struggle but is also a massive part of your new healthy lifestyle. Our bodies were not made to sit in front of the television or in front of a computer all day. Many of our lifestyles and careers demand that we do this. However, it is possible to counteract the detrimental effects of this lack of physical activity.

      ´┐╝The key to finding the motivation to exercise is to make a start, visualise your desire to get fit and try to stay positive and keep your goals in mind. Exercise releases the bodies natural chemicals: endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline. It also decreases the stress hormone, cortisol. So just getting started will make you feel much better before it has any effects on your physical body. There are countless studies that link exercise with an enhanced state of well being and improvement in mood even for those with depression.

      If the thought of all that sweating in a gym and getting hot and bothered on your quest to get fit is putting you off, then stop thinking about it! Focusing on the negative aspects of exercise won’t help you get started and it certainly won’t help you stick to an exercise plan. However, instead, you could try visualising the benefits that you will get from exercise. Keep your mind on the positives when things are getting tough and enjoy the effects of doing what your body was built for. Getting outside while you exercise can also help a lot with sticking to your new "get fit" program. Find somewhere with fresh air and open space which will help your motivation to exercise and help you to feel happier in general.

      If you are finding exercising hard then enlisting the support of a life coach can be really helpful. Not only will they be able to help you find the motivation to exercise, but they will provide great motivation for sticking with it long term.
    Some suggested ideas
    • Take control of your mental health[+]
      An often overlooked part of healthy living is the health of your mind. We focus a lot on keeping our bodies healthy, but neglect the fact that our bodies are controlled entirely by our brains, so until our mind is healthy, getting our body healthy will be very difficult.

      Our minds are a wonderful place, full of possibilities and knowledge of ourselves. You are able to do amazing things with the power of your mind, but some people struggle to tap into this potential. The modern world can be very stressful and things tend build up and get on top of all of us at some point. Take back control of your mind and decide how you are going to go about improving your mental health.

      A life coach can assist you with problems you are having with your metal health such as stress, anxiety, confidence and getting a better work/life balance. All of these things can affect your mental health negatively but all can be dealt with as well and help is at hand and well worth taking advantage of.
    • Sleep well[+]
      getting a good nights sleep
      Sleep is an often underestimated part of a healthy lifestyle. Getting your 8 hours a night not only goes a long way to helping you feel more awake during the day, but it is vital to ensuring your body works properly. Sleep affects process and function in your body, so not getting enough sleep or a good enough quality of sleep can seriously affect your everyday and long term health and fitness.

      There is still a lot that we don’t know about sleep, but the main consensus seems to be that sleep aids our brain and body by rejuvenating and replenishing cells, consolidating memories and regaining energy.

      When we sleep is controlled by chemical reactions within our brains and bodies. Some of these processes are concerned with working out how long we have been awake for and so when we should be falling asleep, and others use signals from the outside world to determine the time of day and so the right time to be going to sleep. Our internal clocks determine that when the light is reduced and it becomes night, we should fall asleep. This is why many shift workers will have issues with sleeping during the day, and also the main reason behind jet lag.

      Our sleep patterns are pre-determined by our brains, however, they can be easily altered when we are under stress, anxious or in a bad environment for sleep to occur successfully. This can leave us feeling tired and if it happens often can seriously affect our concentration, body temperature, metabolism, circulation, memory, and many more of our body’s processes.

      If you are having trouble with your sleep, a life coach can be very beneficial in trying to address the issues which are causing your sleep issues. Sleep is a major building block of life and neglecting it is the same as neglecting to eat or drink, so make sure you address your sleep problems soon which will have a knock on positive affect on the rest your your healthy living program!